Sunday, 23 October 2011


An ad for The Workshop in the Nethergate from 1988, a place I know absolutely zilch about.
If any of you can do the biz on this one - the comments section is all yours.


  1. I think Ricksons below became The Workshop.

  2. oh my god, what a happy blast from the past. my mother used to go here when we moved to dundee - i loved visiting with her on a saturday morning...

    black and white decor, glass stairs up to the loo, mirrors everywhere, really fashionable assistants in ripped white jeans, spotlights and mood lighting, 80s music playing loud over the sound of hairdryers, glass table stacked with vogue etc surrounded by black leather and chrome chairs in the black carpetted lounge area. hair colouring area at the back with all the dyes adding colour to the monochrome design, including jars of baby pink and electric blue dye which i used to love examining, as well as more conventional colours.

    more like kensington than dundee. totally set the tone of what i expect from a salon even to this day!

    1. 88 :) yes, i became a teenager.. & they played the lovely' Maria Carey.. Ah yes, Happy days!