Sunday, 9 October 2011


[The success of Destruction/Creation led to two more live events in Laing’s – Open Sandwich and Hope For Dud’s – the latter being a multi-media happening with music by Boo Hooray, Aaga & Erasmic Super Foam, projections by Neil Watson, Sid Ozalid’s stand-up poetry, plus an action by the Principal Player highlighting the politics of the fishing industry in Scotland.]
This is the poster for the "Hope For Duds" event that took place on 20th June 1981, as described above.
Below is another track by The Principal Players called "This Principal Player Has A Dog" - recorded live in a flat in Hawkhill by Pete Horobin and Erasmic Super Foam member, John Butler, whose hacking staccato guitar technique energetically chisels out a pretty funky backdrop!
Courtesy of The Attic Archive.

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