Saturday, 22 October 2011

JOHNALAN ADS - 70's/80's

The top Johnalan ad is from 1979 and lets you know the whereabouts of their salons.
You also may have noticed that the image is a merged photo of both John & Alan - John with the mouser, Alan with the beard.
I assume they didn't offer this look to their customers, but it does remind me of the time Jimmy Savile made an appearance on Top Of The Pops in the psychedelic 60's, with one half of his hair white and the other side black!
The middle ad is dated 1984 and just has their Crichton Street salon on it - but it does display their futuristic "Countdown" typeface logo which I've always liked.
As regards their outlandish third ad - well it's not often I'm lost for words on Retro but on this occasion, I'm completely dumbstruck!!
All I can add is that this bizarre creation was published, large sized, in the Tele in March 1977.


  1. Aged about 12, I remember being trailed along to the Leisure Centre one evening and having to sit in an audience of grannies watching a Johnalan hairdressing demo. I was bored rigid! I do recall though that John, Alan and all the models were wearing Celtic tops, for some reason.

  2. I got the worst hair colour ever from Johnalan in Crighton Street. Being am image sensitive teenager at the time I cried all the way home!