Tuesday, 18 October 2011

NME FASHION ADS - 70's/80's

On the occasions when you couldn't always find what you were looking for in Dundee shops (which was quite often) and you couldn't always afford to go to London to indulge, then the mail order pages in music papers were a good alternative.
The ones above are all from old NME's I have, so let's tuck in...!!
The top ad is dated 1978 and features gear with a distinctly early 70's look - rugby shirt, cheesecloth shirt, embroidered kurta, loons and smock top.
The next 4 ads are all from 1981 and include a mish-mash of punk, new romantic, rock, new wave and soul boy gear, items such as - PVC breeks, denim jacket, bomber jacket, patch jeans, hardcore punk vest, jack boots (with the ad saying that they make Dr Martens look like ballet shoes!), stud belt & wristband, deck shirt, colonial shirt, Syrian scarf, cavalry shirt, regency shirt, leopard print trousers, stripy jeans, Bowie suit, pirate shirt, boating trousers, army surplus, Hawaiian shirt, tukker boots, and plenty more examples in amongst them.
The last one is dated 1985 and already there seems to be a bit of a retro thing going on in their ad with their mohair jumper, bondage trousers, gas cape, ski goggles, buckle boots, creepers and such like.
I'm sure some of you will have spotted your particular look!
I used to send for the odd item using this mail order route. One from around the 1981/82 period being a "Dread At The Controls" T-shirt. It was pertaining to Mikey Dread's radio show - and I wore that for years!!!
I remember Joe Strummer used to wear one too.
So anyway, it seems quite appropriate to include it here.
Click onto the ads to have a closer inspection.


  1. Woah! What a blast from the past! I bought the unisex cavalry shirt from Roy's fashions. Instead of being 100% cotton it was 100% scratchy nylon and was very sweaty rather than being very 'cool'.

  2. I think it was BREEKS in the Overgate who sold a lot of this cult clothing kind of gear.

  3. Those stripy trousers on the top left on the bottom ad from 1985 remind me of the trousers Colin Baker wore on Doctor Who from the same era of 1985. LOL

  4. oh my god....1974 I bought a cheesecloth shirt and velvet flares !..but from Mr B's in dundee..there I have said it you can all mock me now !!
    (I used to go to confession this is easier)
    mike kane

  5. Anyone recall a shop called Mr Freedom in the Overgate Centre in the mid-70's?
    Remember buying some fab gear there....

  6. Don't remember Mr Freedom, and it doesn't crop up in my 1970 or 1974 Directories.
    A rather short-lived boutique perhaps?

  7. Had a USAF MIA flying jacket from one of these outlets and thought I was as cool as pent. Then Madness fans started wearing cheaper versions swiftly followed by NF type skins so had to bin it.