Monday, 10 October 2011


The Attic in Union Street produced a set of postcards that were given out to visitors.
They featured some of the correspondents Pete Horobin was communicating with.
Each postcard has the image of a correspondent made entirely from the content of the letters they wrote to each other. These were done using the original cut and paste method, sentences and words physically cut from a page then reassembled and photocopied into these excellent portraits shown above.
So as a wee memento from Retro's recent visit to the Attic, here are the people in the cards above - Chris Horobin (Pete's brother) - Jack Saunders - Stefen Szczelkun - Susan Young - Mark Pawson - Philip Pilkington - Karen Strang - Barry Mitchell.
There is a good 2 part video up on Youtube made in Budapest showing the mountain of material from the Attic Archive they have in storage in the Artpool Gallery.
Boxes and boxes of stuff from Union Street being dipped into!
They go under the title of "From A to A - New Directions" (2 videos).
Here are the links -
Courtesy of The Attic Archive.

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