Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Here's a couple of ads from the 70's for The Craft Centre in the Nethergate.
They specialised in arty gifts made from a variety of materials.
The basic top ad with just the shop name on it is from 1978.
The one underneath with the Beatrix Potter style mouse, is dated 1977.


  1. The guy that ran this place with his wife was called Douglas McKenzie. Lovely bloke who was a chum of my dads. It's a wonder he ever made any money as anytime my dad took me in I'd be given my pick of the arty toys.

    This is the shop that became the Apple Tree but I think it has since been renamed again.

  2. That's right...Doug McKenzie. He used to stock the dolls my mother made. No arty toys for me, but the occasional cuppie and piece of cake in the back shop.

  3. The tiniest back shop imaginable wasn't it Neale. Nice that we share a happy memory of Douglas.

  4. Oooh...Neale were they the dolls with the shrivelled apple faces???? They were brilliant.

  5. You can get a reminder of the dolls Neale's mum made in the October 2009 archive, where you'll see the one of Tommy Small.

  6. Yes Bridie, Mum made the apple dollies. She later moved on to modelling the faces and hands in clay. I think she met the McKenzies through the craft fairs run by Trixie Thomson in the 1970s.