Saturday, 8 October 2011


[Over the winter of 1981/82 a group of Principal Players met daily in the DATA Attic to improvise with domestic utensils, regular instruments and second-rate machinery. A few of their recordings survive as audio cassettes, some of which have been digitalised.
Listen to the Elephants – recorded live in the DATA Attic one winter afternoon by the Principal Players - Pete Horobin, Gerry Mitchell, and Tam McGibbon.]
Continuing with Horobin's journal, above is the lowdown on the the 2nd half of the Destruction / Creation event at Laings
Below is the "Listen To The Elephants" track recorded by The Principal Players (plural). A whimsical wee jam session that had them beating out their best Johnny Wakelin jungle rhythm, and with Pete doing a rather fine impression of Barbara Woodhouse!
Courtesy of The Attic Archive.

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