Tuesday, 11 October 2011


A couple of views from either side of the Murraygate snapped around 1970, give or take a year.
Some of the shops can be identified and others are too blurry to make out, but here's a rough guide to what's in the 2 shots.
Starting from the top left with Miss Lewis Boutique - Dolcis - House Of Hearing - Burton - John Collier - Terleys - Grafton's, and then it goes all hazy beyond the Woolies area viewing it from the Commercial Street end.
So nipping over to the Wellgate end, on the right is Jackson - Hepworth's - goes fuzzy again after that but could be the Scotch Wool Shop and Jax - then it's definitely Dunn and Stead & Simpson before reaching Woolies which is out of shot in its wee enclave.
On the left hand side is H & J Wilson - Woodhouse - Easiephit - Richardshops, then can't really make out much after that but Markies and the bank are in there, and I think it may be Goldbergs near the end.
I wouldn't mind knowing what was on these red & yellow posters up underneath the scaffolding - they look a bit trippy..!! Zooming in on them just adds to the blur unfortunately.
Anyway, I'm going to take my cue from the content of the photos - ie, mostly fashion shops - so I'm about to indulge in a few days worth of local stylish delights for another flashback down the Dundee catwalk!
Click on the images to see the enlarged versions.
Photos from Gordon C.


  1. That scaffolding was there for 20-odd years. It was in the gap site left when they demolished La Scala cinema. The frontage that eventually replaced it would look more at home in Luton or Slough.

  2. saved all my milk delivery money getting made to measure suit and crombie from Jackson the tailors

  3. Hepworth's was the place to go to get your made-to-measure Prince Of Wales suits from in the early/mid 70's. A rather expensive choice of gang wear that was like a precursor to the Burberry fad decades later.
    Not that I indulged!

  4. the way i remember the town as a kid!The tramlines,the traffic,the shops and the multis!

  5. Miss Lewis had a lovely shop frontage. Very now and similar to the boutiques you see today in Shibuya & Harajuku Tokyo.

  6. miss lewis boutique15 was the biz ,i was a windowdresser for the catchhand boutiques, every friday pay packet in hand in to miss lewis, never came out empty handed, along to jackson tailors at the end of murraygate to make a payment on my made to measure suit. they were the only tailor that made ladies suits,loved my tonic suit ,and my prince of wales, they were expensive but worth it, ah the good old days