Sunday, 30 October 2011


Here's a couple of examples of public artwork that sprang up in the 80's, and both done by the same artist.
I took the top 2 pictures in 1985 in Brown Street near the junction of Miln Street.
They are the work of Stanley Bonnar, who is now more known for his sculptures.
The tree shadows were freshly painted when I snapped them but a quick glimpse at the same area on Google Street View shows that although the trees are still there, they have faded quite a bit and the wall itself is rather grubby now.
As for the dog, well it seems that has since been put down.
The bottom image is from a leaflet I have and lets you see what the place looked like when they were side by side.


  1. The dog was there until about 5 years ago.

  2. more of Dundees 'drab' buildings should be decorated like this, it would give art students something worth doing as a way of putting something back into the community as well as gaining from the experience and having their art on show.

  3. Thanks for these. I was with a photographer from London who was working on an exhibition show at DCA a few years ago and he snapped these as well on the way back up the road through Dudhope. The area from Tayworks through to Polepark was subject to work in the 80s and was known as the Blackness Project Area which I covered for Geography at school in the 80s. It had its own wooden office building where Tesco Metro and G Casino is now- next to the Da Vincis / West Port Bar.