Saturday, 29 October 2011


If karate wasn't your thing, then you could always give wrestling a go.
Not sure who would have been involved at this event up at Menzieshill Community Centre - seems an odd place to have an "all-star" billing especially when the Caird Hall presented wresting quite regularly.
Anyway, not just all-star but all ticket for this do in '72.


  1. George Kidd was my grannie's favourite in the 60's - she used to scream at the TV when he was on of a Saturday afternoon.
    Ended up running a pub like a lot of retired sportsmen in those days.

  2. The Ellenbankit was, had his trophy behind the bar, real wrestling , not WWF sh**e :)

  3. All-Star Wrestling was the name of the promoters, who infact are still running shows around the country to this day.

    By my estimations it seems possible George was on the bill, he was working as a promoter and wrestler for Wrestling Federation of Great Britain, which was essentially a group of independent wrestlers and promoters uniting to try and take the strangle hold away from Joint Promotions and spread the exposure / wealth.

    It's also possible I suppose that Lee Thomas, another well known Dundee wrestler was on the bill as he was active around that time.