Monday, 7 June 2010


The Wonderful World Of Soccer Stars "World Cup 1974" picture stamp book, was an alternative to the packs of football cards with bubbly.
You got packets of 8 for 3p out of newsagents and the players photos were referred to as "stamps" - glossy paper rather than card.
There should have only been the 16 qualifying teams represented in the book, but as the book went to press, the Spain v Yugoslavia play-off had not yet taken place, so both teams got in the book, ending up with 17 in total. (Yugoslavia won)
This is actually my wee brother's book who gave it to me for safekeeping, and he did pretty well collecting the stamps, with only a few missing. The good news is he managed to get the full set of Scotland squad stamps. So if you want a reminder who some of our star players were back then, click on the team picture to view the large version, and I'm sure you'll spot a few legends in there!
The 1974 tournament has been Scotland's most successful World Cup to date, returning home undefeated, on goal difference only.
West Germany won it 2-1 v Holland.


  1. i had this too, wonder what happened to it?

    my main recollection was the bulgaria page and all the players had the same surname, i think....

  2. Hi, would love to use these images in Scottish Memories magazine in an article we're doing on the 1974 World Cup - can I have your permission?


  3. Sure Matt, use whatever you like.