Friday, 11 June 2010


2 ladies hairdresser ads from 1968.
Parr Salons was at 128 Gray Street in the Ferry.
I seem to recall Parr's had a bit of a reputation for being a cut above the rest, although maybe it was they themselves who planted this high opinion in the first place!
As well as the Cowgate, Perth Road & Logie Street addresses in the ad, Fredericke also, later on, had a Ladies Hairdressing Training Centre in the Nethergate.
Now, Fredericke was obviously doing very good business with ladies hairstyling, but back then, there was another hairdresser who was also very successful with the ladies!! John Watson on the corner of Cleghorn St & Benvie Rd, used to attract ladies from all over Dundee. Not because of his scissor work, but because of his good looks! Yes, females, even from the other end of town, would make a special trip to his joint just to swoon and go weak at the knees!!
Ach well, it was the swinging 60's after all!!
Last I heard, he moved to New Zealand.
So away and book your flight girls..!!


  1. Hi from John Watson. Well I don't know whether to be insulted about my "scissor work" or gratified about my so called "good looks". I must admit when I was scrolling through the net, looking for anything on Fred Livingstone (Fredericke) who was a former Boss of mine, the last thing I expected to see, was something about me! My wife, Anne (also a hairdresser) had a good laugh. We are happily retired and still living in New Zealand.

    1. Anne used to do my hair and I remember going in one day for my appointment and she was not in the best of moods, she had driven into town but forgot she had the car and had taken the bus back!