Sunday, 27 June 2010


You may remember I put a track by Flux up last year which turned out to be a rare example of a tune connected to Mike Kane which everyone who commented seemed to like! It was a dreamy ambient chill-out track.
In the caption back then I said I would pick out a contrasting tune from the 1987 "In Flux" cassette and post it later. Now's the time, and so here is a little ditty of theirs called "Destroy All Systems(2)"
I think you can guess by the title that it's Flux in a tuffer mood and with the volume turned up! A dizzying wall of sound out on a mission to subvert the masses with it's relentless chants and slogans pile-driving their way through it all.
Well you didn't think they were gonna let you get comfy in your bean bags, did you?!!


  1. Just a pity it was low tech recording, probably would sound better with more seperation between the instruments and less echo on the vocals. Interesting stuff from flux. By the way there's another group called flux, from accross the pond, not nearly as challenging as this flux though.

  2. re low tech - yes it is a pity but we had borrowed a 4 track for only 2 days and recorded the whole 90 mins in this time, I think we "bounced" tracks down to add the vocals which have tons of echo 'cos i hate my voice but always seem to add vocals !
    the best track on this cassette (in my opinion) is called music and has all three of us playing guitar on all 4 tracks so you have the sound of effectively 12 guitars improvising at once and it is actually a beautiful sounding mess !!!
    I think there are only about 20 copies of this on cassette , but due to Retro's hard work I have the album on CD if anyone wants it !
    mike kane

  3. You gotta admire them, you really do.