Monday, 28 June 2010


The final AAGA cassette I have in my collection is this one here from around the 1983/84 period - "The New Saints Of Drab Intensity".
There are 4 tunes on it, 2 are live recordings, 1 was done on 16 track and the one here below "Patience Is Virtue" was done on 4 track.
This is probably the most tuneful thing AAGA have ever done. It's even, dare I say, commercial sounding! Quite a sensitive touch to it too.
Thanks once again to Mike Kane.


  1. little bit of history if anyone is interested!
    when steve grimmond had left the Scrotum Poles and asked me to form a band I hardly knew him, but I invited him up to my house to rehearse , we hardly spoke , but wrote and recorded 3 songs every week (that was our quota), obviously lots were shit , but this was the third song we wrote , credit were its due the fantastic bass line was written by gerry mitchell at a random jam we had and I stole it for this song , we recorded it in a studio in Cupar on a 4 track and Gerry and Neal mitchell came along and added drums and guitar, gerry and Neal just made there bits up on the spot , I normally sang this one ,but , on the day steve said he had some lyrics he would like to try..and I discovered he was the singer (and lyrisist) and I never ever sang for AAGA again ...better stop could go on for days.. hope people like this track it is a personal fav of mine due to great drumming , great bass and great singing !!
    over and out

    mike kane

  2. my very favourite aaga song.

  3. hey mike aaga seem to get better the further back you go, if you hadn't started you wouldv'e been absolutely brilliant :D
    reminds me of talking heads a bit.
    lara croft

  4. The guitarings my fave, but nice bass line too, its amazing the talent that Dundee had in those days, I wish I could go back in time.

    Thanks again for (almost) taking us there.

  5. Ah...the good old chorus pedal! You don't hear much of that these days.

  6. Actually, that one's really good.

  7. Good tune.

  8. I still remember it vividly... more clearly than hearing it now... I think Gerry must have given me a copy..

    Loved the drums and the Mitchell influence... a truely beatiful song.