Tuesday, 1 June 2010


The top picture is the Dining Room.
The bottom picture the Ballroom.
That serving dish is made to look very large in the top shot!
And that grand piano is made to look very small in the bottom shot!
My wining & dining back then was normally something a little less ostentatious.
One night in the early 80's, steamboats as usual, I nipped into the Chinese Takeaway in the Nethergate, after a really good night up at the University for the Bow Wow Wow gig. Tucking into my meal on the way back to my flat, I was passing the Angus Hotel entrance area when this mini bus rolled up outside. Who should who step out it but the band. I spotted the singer, Anabella, straight away, a wee honey she was, looking great with her new mohican hairstyle. As she crossed my path, instead of being all star-struck letting her know I had just seen her perform, thought the gig was wonderful and all that, I shoved my chicken & chips under her nose and said "D'ye want a chip?". "No thanks mate" she replied in her Cockney accent, as she toddled off into the hotel.
And that was it!
She certainly didn't want to "Go Wild In My Chinky" that night!!
Photos by the Scotsman

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