Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Another 2 shopping pictures from the mid 80's, the High Street this time.
The top image taken on 15th September 1986 contains a tantalising glimpse into the fashions of the day! Smashing shell suit!!
The picture below it, dated 2nd June 1986, has more traffic than shoppers but this is how it looked just 6 months before I moved South. Some kind of work going on outside the Andrew G Kidd / Keiller Centre area. I recognise those orange vehicles too but can't recall who they belong to. Begins with a "P".
Photos by Neale Elder


  1. Looks so much better without the pedestrianized area, more like Edinburgh.

  2. The orange van is a "Press" van. I think they did gas repairs (major e.g. roadworks). Am I right in thinking there were student halls behind the bus across the road?

  3. yes, there was some kind of student digs at the top of castle street above the bakers, i think it may have been specifically for foreign students st the University.

  4. Chalmers Hall it was called , a wee bit of a hidden gem in Dundee seemingly ,

  5. Not sure if it's still there, haven't been up the High Street in a while, but the entrance foyer to Chalmers Hall was still there years after it closed down. As far as I know the building became run down and didn't meet fire regulations etc. The University started ploughing money into the luxurious new student digs with en-suites etc at the likes of Seabraes, West Park Villas etc and left the catered Halls such as Airlie, West Park Hall, Belmont etc to go down the pan.

    1. Hi,
      What was the name of the multi-storey store which Menzies took over in the late 70s please?