Sunday, 6 June 2010


Germany was still divided back in 1974, but all of Scotland was united when we travelled over to the West to take on Brazil, Yugoslavia and Zaire.
Roaring us on, was the official Scotland mascot, as shown on an original patch in the top picture. I think it may have been nicknamed "Roary", but I really can't remember now.
To hold some of your essential knick-knacks for the trip, you might have had a bag designed like the one above. Very popular they were in the early 70's. We used similar styled ones at school, usually with football team crests on them. The one in the photo, however, shows the Scottish Bus Group logo, which would have been doing a roaring trade back then, shifting Scotland supporters to airports.
And below, you can view a very short film clip from 74, of Scottish fans greeting the team at an airport in Germany.


  1. the bags remind me of the adidas ones that were essential wear for a teenager in the 70's. Mine was black with white writing, but many others had fetching red or blue....

  2. How apt the Scottish bag design has piping..!!