Wednesday, 23 June 2010


The info I have on locals, London Broads, is a bit patchy, so I'll need you to help out on this one to try fill the gaps.
The only band members I have are Dave Christie, bass - Steve Taylor, guitar - Duncan Paterson, vocals.
I actually saw them play in the Oriental around 1979/80 (?), they being the first band to play at that pub. They did of course play the Tayside Bar too, but once at a gig at the YMCA in the Ferry, a group of local soul boys disconnected the power supply 5 minutes into their set!
They were a good, lively alternative pop act, performing a mix of their own material as well as covering tunes by the likes of The Jam, Boomtown Rats and The Clash.
In 1981 they split temporarily, with a couple of members intent on resurrecting the band name with new signings in the line-up. I don't know what happened after that, whether they did continue as London Broads, or changed their name or called it quits.
There was a local band on the go in 82 called New London. Could that have been ex Broads involved?
Anyway, as you can see in the photo, there were 5 guys in the original outfit.
If you have any details to add, just drop them in the comments.


  1. The bands name rings a bell for sure. However, I'm more interested in the location of the photo. Was it taken outside the old practice rooms at the back of the Keillor Center?

  2. almost certainly the old practice rooms! I actually dont recognise anyone from the band which is a suprise for me, usually a name would ring a bell , but not this time

  3. The photo was taken using a Polaroid camera by Steve's girlfriend at the time, June. The location is the back of the Burgh Hall, Brook Street, Broughty Ferry. Drummer was Paul Shavetti and singer was Dunc Parkes, not Paterson. Brian Robb, guitarist is also in the photo although did not perform with the band.

  4. I was the lead singer and my name is Duncan Parks.
    We used to practice in the Burgh Hall a couple of times a week in the late 70's. My favourite memory was playing at the Oriental Bar, I don't think anyone else ever performed there. We were originally called "The Varookas" and we all went to Linlathen High School when the band was formed.
    If any of the band members or friends read this please leave a comment.

  5. Thanks for getting in touch, Duncan.
    Sorry I got your name wrong in the caption but in my defence I did nab the info from Cranked Up!
    If you have any band memorabilia, photos, sound clips or whatever, feel free to send them over and I'll put them up.
    Yes I was at the Oriental gig and don't recall any other band ever playing there.

  6. Steve Taylor of The London Broads is on Youtube with songs he wrote earlier this year.Steve Taylor,The talented Christian,Steve Taylor,The Forest,or,Snowy River should get you there.No Bass No Drums type of thing.A guitar and a 4 track machine.