Monday, 21 June 2010


From Street Life magazine, here's a review of Don Cherry's NU gig at the Whitehall Theatre on 22nd October 1987, organised by Dundee jazz promoters, Platform.
Although Cherry's mainstay was jazz, having worked with big hitters like Ornette Coleman, Sun Ra, Albert Ayler and many others, his lifelong global travels with his wee pocket trumpet saw him become one of the innovators of World Music, fusing various cultures along the way, and so this show had a bit of both.
His band in Dundee were - Mark Helias, bass - Ed Blackwell, drums - Carlos Ward, sax and the peerless percussionist Nana Vasconcelos.
My brother was at this gig and managed to get a signed copy of a cassette called "Garden Of Music" - that's Don Cherry's autograph in gold ink!
As well as being a highly regarded trumpeter, Don was also genuinely "cool", and remained young and hip to new musical trends right up to his death in the mid 90's.
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  1. I'm sure he also played The Bonar Hall in the 80's and did anyone mention he was Neneh Cherry's er....... pop.

  2. He did play the Bonar Hall in the 80's I was at that show. I wish I could remember it, but in reality the only thing I do, is the poster for the show I had on my bedroom wall for many years after.

  3. He should have got novus on as support act, but maybe too much competition:)

  4. can you let me know what is on that
    cassette? I am very curious.

    Best regards,