Wednesday, 30 June 2010


3 ads for Bruce's Record Shop dating from 1977.
The top 2 are from Bruce's own fanzine "Cripes" dated end Aug '77.
Bruce's back then was in Reform Street, and although their shop stocked all types of music, they did go out of their way to champion new music.
1st ad - Cripes has the debut by 999 as their single of the week, a record which did pretty good biz amongst the punk fraternity.
2nd ad - Boomtown Rats were already pop stars by the time their self titled debut album became Bruce's LP choice for that week, the band having scored a couple of hit singles by then.
3rd ad - from a Tele dated March '77 - and Bruce's  Album Of The Week was "Marquee Moon" by Television.
What I can remember about this album is - I was tuned into Alan Freeman's radio show one Saturday afternoon, and he played a track from Marquee Moon. It caught my attention because it was something a bit different to the more rockier kind of material he broadcast on his Saturday show. As a result of this, I ended up switching the radio off, putting my coat on, getting a bus into town and buying the Television album from Bruce's there and then!
I was a real serious vinyl dude back then!!


  1. saw 999 at samantha's supported by a band called simple minds alewys wondered what happened to THEM

    Dr Wu

  2. I was there too, had seen Johnny and the Self Abusers months before and didnt realise they were now Simple Minds, Samantha's/Bloomers was a great venue, saw a few bands there.

  3. 999 singer had a really keigh wee crop on his dyed black hair, their guitarist also had curly hair, blond, and they seemed to have bolted on some faux punk urgency to their style,

  4. Didn't Simple Minds support Ultravox at Samanthas? 999 were a great band. Was listening to Emergency just the other day stuck in traffic on Dock Street lol.

  5. i was in love with Pablo Labritain the drummer.. well,, until Ken Scott of Wasted Youth came into my line of vision :)

    999 were braw. heck me and alison even hitched to Stirling to see them !

    lesley g.

  6. hello lesley, i saw 999 a few times too, maybe with you, i have to agree with anon above, their hair was the worst, and the singer fair filled his shirt, stout rather than tubby.


  7. their still gigging too fanta.. but wi nae pablo.. he is even tubbier noo. age hasnt been kind. :)

    says she wi a puss full o oil o ulay :)

  8. I mind seeing Wasted Youth, but I missed 999, which was a bit of a bummer since I'm Alive was one of my favourite singles. I ended up helping move Wasted Youth's kit at the Bowling Alley, for no good reason.

  9. nah they had a wee caravan roond the corner. was not a winnibago like the modern "stars" of today. more a kinda modern camper Van. Wasted youth i mean. tall laddie fae charlestone was with us.. anth? no one o the Broons, was a clever dude.

    /apologies t the broons ! but ye let the best legendary hipitty hoppity bloke go.

    lesley g