Friday, 18 June 2010

DUNDEE SHOPPERS #4 - 1984-86-87

3 Murraygate shots to finish the 80's shoppers sequence.
TOP - 4th February 1984 - pretty packed at this end of the street looking towards Arnotts across the road. Pretty cold too by the look of the clobber!
Some of the Murraygate shops are- Menzies - Curry's - Top Shop - Jean Jeanie - Peter Lord - Radio Rentals - Dolcis.
MIDDLE - 2nd June 1986 - not quite so packed but a bit warmer with most folk going around in their shirtsleeves.
A few more shops - Dixons - Question Mark - Top Man.
BOTTOM - 6th July 1987 - back to being busy, and now the height of summer.
Some of the items featured on the Dundee Summer Events banners are, Frigate Unicorn, Witch's Blood and The Rep.
You might even be able to spot Mrs Doubtfire in the crowd!
Photo by Neale Elder


  1. Dunno why but the top images reminds me of Russia. More the people in the photo than the buildings. Anyone else think that?

  2. That's my mum and wee sis in the middle pic!

  3. that’s me and a pal on the left in the first pic! Can’t believe I found this.. falmer jeans and dog tooth . Mullets, age about 14!!!