Friday, 18 June 2010


Here's a rare photo of Dundee band - Sweet 'N' Tendermotion.
The group formed sometime around the mid/late 60's, then as far as I know, after a change of line-up, were transformed into Forever Amber, along with a couple of guys from Rite Tyme.
I'm uncertain about which band members from which groups were involved as there was a fair bit of shuffling about that took place.
I do know for certain, however, that Henry Simson was the manager of Sweet 'N' Tendermotion.
As regards the line-up of Sweet 'N' Tendermotion, I can list 4 - these being...
Danny Mitchell on drums.
John Manby on bass.
Ritchie Duncan on guitar.
Ian Mann on vocals.
On the photo though, you can see there's 5 in the group, so if anyone out there can do a "from left to right" style definitive line-up of the guys, feel free to pass on the info in the comments, along with any other details you can recall.
Thanks to Craig & Danny.


  1. Richie Dincan and Ian Mann are not in this picture but were in the band at a later time. The extreme left is Tam Ferry lead Guitar. I think John Mamby is next to him. Gus (Ian) Cussick as he said was in the band but he left Ian Mann out of the line up. Richie Duncan's brother was manager of Sole n Healed which started first gig at linlathen school end of year dance.line up invluded Ian,Gus,Davy Russel but forget the others.