Wednesday, 16 June 2010

DUNDEE SHOPPERS #3 - 1985 & 1986

The top scene looking along the Nethergate was taken from Burton's doorway and is dated 13th April 1985.
A couple of things I spotted in the City Square - there seems to be some kind of petition going on with stuff laid out on a table, although can't make out what for.
The other thing is the yellow poster with "The Man" on it. I thought it may have been for a play at first, but I couldn't find any info about a play from 85 with that title. So a couple of other possibilities - there was a band on the go in 85 called Happy The Man, it may be a gig poster. Or, Elvis Costello released a best of album in 85 called "The Man", perhaps it's an advert for that.
The other colourful image below it was snapped on 2nd June 1986 and has some locals taking a wee break from shopping, down at the Steeple grounds.
Photos by Neale Elder


  1. There was a stage hypnotist called "The Man" around that time... the poster could be for him? Seem to remember he had a long white beard and wore lots of chains around his neck... Was he not banged up for interfering with a woman he had put under his spell? Or was that Robert Halpern? Halpern looked like Peter Sutcliffe... so you never know!

  2. Nah, it's definitely for the hypnotist. I saw him in the Park Hotel one night, and your description is spot on!

  3. "The Man" was Watt Nicol.He used to be a poet/songwriter before becoming a stage hynotist.
    He worked in Dundee quite a bit in the mid 80's.I worked in a bar where he performed.
    Alans description is correct.
    I remember on one chain there was an costume jewellery eye, I always avoided looking at that. Thought it might cast a spell on me or something !
    His son used to be one of the main dancers on the dreaded "Hit Man & Her". A late night nightclub TV programe.

  4. stobbie land o cakes18 June 2010 at 01:04

    im sure thats my brother in the bottom picture by the steeple church need to email and ask him

  5. Pervy stage hypnotist was Doug Beattie.....driving instructor by day.....hypnotist by night......also now on sex offenders register............i was his teenage assistant and ended up in The Sun at the time and years later News of The World after he was prosecuted......there was confusion as there was The Man and The Master (Robert Halpern was not from Dundee) JMW