Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Around the mid/late 70's, before Dundee guitarist Steve Reid was in The Associates & Orbidoig, he used to work in Johnalan hairdressers.
Ironically, I reckon this picture of him looks a bit like the kind of photo we used to see on the walls in gents barbers!
Not sure if this hairstyle was one of his own creations though!!


  1. Was Steve from Ardler?

  2. Not 100% sure, but he used to play/practise up at the Ardler Community Centre in the mid 70's.

  3. The Captain posting here btw....

    LOL - didn't know he was a hair dresser (had my suspicions)- lmao at that pic btw - I haven't seen Steve for a wee while (he lives not far from me here in London) but will tell him about it when I next see him - but of course will try blackmail first..... lol

    Last time I bumped into Steve in the street some months ago he showed me an inherited congenital condition he has - forgotton the med name of it - which causes the tendons in the hands to become tightly pulled up leaving them like claws - not great news for a guitar player - but he said at that time that there was an operation which he would be having to relieve it, involving cutting the tendons...

  4. dupyutrens contracture?

  5. steve if you read this, then it is your old mate Ben (nikki, lee , kiran), I just thought I'd write on a blog about you and would like to thankyou for your inspiration towards my bass/guitar playing.
    well I'm into brutal death metal now, but still my biggest influences are Stanley Clarke and Jaco pastorious, you made sure I listened to them.
    Well if any of you still see steve around kilburn or wherever it is he might be, I would be grateful if you passed this on to him and could also pass on my email address which is thanks people.