Monday, 22 March 2010


The last time I was up at Ardler, this is how it looked. I don't think I'd know my way around it now!
The school on the left of the picture is Blackshade Primary School. Around the time this photo was taken, they had a head teacher called Miss Brodie. Not Jean, but Doreen!
The other 2 primary schools nearer the centre of the picture are St Fergus, who's head teacher was J.Kirkwood, and next door was Ardler, who's head teacher was A.M.MacLean.
Get a load of those bare patches on the playing field. These are where the goal posts are. Obviously seen plenty of futba action!
At the back of the multi's is St Mary's, and beyond that you can see Clatto Reservoir.
Click the image to view the large version.
Unfortunately, this is the last picture I have in the set, and sorry if your place didn't crop up on any. Lots more comments have been added to some of the previous 70's air shots I put on in 2009, so still a few more memories to catch up with.


  1. The Ardler football pitches were at the top of a slope. I can remember in one game on the pitch nearest Macalpine Road chasing the ball down it after we won a corner, which I subsequently took.

    The ball was knocked behind for another corner, and I had to run down the hill and back up to take the next one. This happened again and by the time I took the fourth corner I was absolutely knackered and tripped as I reached the top of the slope and managed to stumble into the ball and knock it out for a goal kick! Didn't bother retrieving it for the opposition.

  2. Doesn't look like any shops been built oppo the community center at this stage.

  3. I worked for the scaffies in Ardler when I was a student in 1978. One morning, me and another student were "paper picking" round the shops in Ardler, when a gang of about 20 youths surrounded us. One of them uttered the immortal line "Which scheme you frae?". I don't think "The west end" would have gone down too well, and we were readying ourselves for a right good kicking when the gang (thankfully)buggered off. Lovely area.

  4. I lived in the 2nd block of Maisonettes on Turnberry Ave. Although when I was growing up that block and the one opposite got a facelift, orange with a pink roof, very 90's.

    The first block which you only see half of, was known as the Bosnia block with it being full of some pretty rough folk, always made a point of keeping clear of the place at night.

    Doesn't look like the ardler pitches were setup there though, looks like a golf course there. Don't understand why they got rid of all the trees going along Turnberry, looks quite nice!

  5. Heh, I lived in the first then the second. the cooncil were kind enough to ship us from a 2 bed to a 3 bed maisonette flat. remember well the underfloor heating that my mum coulnt afford to put on. remember well the dark corridors and the gangs at the corners, especially outside Toni's and Charlie's chip shops! the slope on the "fieldy" was a riot for football games