Sunday, 28 March 2010


2 items relating to the release of Lowland Folk's single - "Discovery".
The top one is a review which appeared in the Courier's "Pop File" on 18th December 1986, and tells you a bit about the record and it's link to the Dundee Heritage Trust.
Below it is a letter written by band member, Anne Brown, which was sent to the Producer of the Derek Jameson Programme on BBC Radio 2, and dated 26th January 1987.
It contains details about the single along with the fact that it was getting plenty of airplay on Scotland's radio shows, and so felt that if it was to be played on national radio, the extra publicity would help raise funds to go towards the ship's restoration.
It also adds that Lowland Folk were to be performing at London's Royal Albert Hall in March that year.
A bit of a jump from the Woodlands Hotel!
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  1. Hope Anne's grammer has improved.

  2. Whoops, stones and glasshouses, would that be Grammar, it was when I was at Cleppie!!