Monday, 29 March 2010


Early 80's fanzine, Deadbeat, covered the alternative Scottish music scene in the main, so the Dundee stuff was competing with Edinburgh, Glasgow & Aberdeen for mag space, although our local bands and gigs were well represented.
The wee mag was loaded with music articles, gig dates, gig reviews, band interviews, record releases, nightclub details, and so on. In fact Deadbeat is a great reminder of just how much Scotland was buzzing with homegrown talent back then.
When it came to bands from down South visiting Scotland however, Dundee didn't always get the cream of the crop, which is why a bit of an effort was needed to catch the acts perform in other cities. I didn't do too bad as I was a member of Edinburgh's Nite Club for a few years, so saw heaps of acts live there that never set foot in oor toon!
I just loved going through to the Nite Club - one of my favourite places ever!

Thanks to DD


  1. Which Dundee bands managed to get a mention in this mag then? it seems more mainstream than cranked up, le sinistre, men from soya etc,

  2. deadbeat was when i was first aware of local and regional music scene it was a great wee mag although didn't have the humour of Cranked up. Hilary's drawings were nice wee feature.

  3. The Deadbeat I put up as an example has a few pages missing and so isn't complete, but some of the names relating to Dundee mentioned in it are, The Swing Club, St Andrew & The Woolen Mill, Associates and We All Fall Down (formerly The Blush). There are also gig reviews for Tayside Bar, University, Teazers & Caird Hall.
    Which brings me to the next bit... I'm on the hunt for more Deadbeats, so if anyone has any stashed away and would like to share the content of the mags, you can either scan them in at 300dpi and send them through to Retro Dundee as an email attachment. Or if you'd prefer me to do all the scanning, we can make arrangements for them to be sent through the post, I'll do all the work, then return the originals.
    Away and hae a rake through those boxes in the loft and the back of the shed! GG

  4. Always got the feeling Deadbeat was more 'Edinburgh'. Sure it had some local content but never as good as Cranked Up!

  5. Retro

    Do you have a copy of Men From Soya? Are you going to show it?

  6. MEN FROM SOYA is another fanzine I've been on the look-out for but haven't managed to track any copies down yet. So if anyone can oblige...?
    And on the same subject - can anyone remember if there was ever a Dundee fanzine called PROCESS?

  7. Wasn't that Nick Wrights fanzine? Very minimalistic...

  8. I think Men From Soya stretched to a single, photocopied issue. Green paper cover with a line drawing. A few reviews.