Saturday, 6 March 2010


Forever Amber were a Dundee band who were on the go in the early 70's.
That was the easy bit.
The difficult bit is finding out the band line-up...and so that is the mystery I will need your help to solve.
I can set the ball rolling by naming one definite - HARRY ADAMS. I know this because he was my next door neighbour at the time in Kemnay Gardens, and the band used to practise there quite a lot. In fact I remember getting a couple of lessons from their guitarist (Richie?) around the backies when they were having a break from rehearsing. I would only be about 13 then.
Harry was a keyboard player and used to have a red portable organ (Farfisa or Vox?) similar to the kind Peter Tork played on "I'm a Believer".
I have asked quite a few of my older music contacts and some names have made the list of band member possibilities, but none of them have been confirmed as definite. Here who's on the *maybe* list - DOUGAL McINTOSH - RICKY MUNRO - DONNY COUTTS - IAN CUSSICK.
If anyone can say for sure whether any of the above were or weren't in Forever Amber, that would be great. Or if you have any more contenders, just drop the info into the comments.
Musically, they were a pop/r&b outfit, and although I saw their band van come and go, I've no idea how long they were together.
The 2 adverts above are both from 1971.
The first one confirms they used to be named Souled & Healed, with January the earliest sighting of the band's Forever Amber name - it doesn't crop up anytime before this date. This was for a gig in Aberdeen.
The second is for a gig a couple of months later in Comrie.
Other acts who have connections with Forever Amber are - Sweet & Tendermotion and Rite Tyme - as the bands shuffled their personnel about.
The above information is a correction to the wording I had in the original caption, where I stated that Forever Amber were on the go in the late 60's.
That's why a few people refer to this era in the comments, when trying to recall details from hazy memories!
The 2 ads were added later, and confirm the correct era involved.


  1. I seem to remember that Forever Amber did, at least, a couple of dances organised by the 42nd BB at Downfield South Church hall, around 1970ish.

  2. Can't help with names ,but I think they may have played at the Y.M.C.A in the Ferry in the late sixties as did others like Onyx.

  3. I have vague memories that a couple of guys in my year at Harris - Norrie Tennant and Neil Connell - played in Forever Amber

  4. This is only vague but I remember I'm sure seeing Forever Amber at the Top Ten Club Palais Balroom in the mid sixties. Norrie Tennant was on drums.One of my school friends seemed to know him. This might be jumbled sos orry about this but did this band have anything to do with another band called The Rite Time? Who I saw at the Palais Top Ten Club. Vaguely I remember a guy called Stuart that sang with Rite Time and I'm pretty sure Norrie played drums for them.

  5. I am Ian Cussick - I played with Forever Amber around the time you mentioned - 1969 - 1973.
    Ritchie Duncan - Guitars-
    Harry Adams - Keysboards
    Sid Brand - Drums
    Ian Cussick - Bas & Vocals.

    I am now a professional writer & producer working out of Hamburg & Austin, Texas.
    Please see.

    I greatly enjoy your blog...many happy memeories of Dundee.
    Best Regards,
    Ian Cussick.

  6. I used to follow Forever Amber around 1963 and Jim McCarra was the singer (not sure of the spellin). I believe he is now a Dundee Councillor

  7. OOops, sorry I got the date wrong, it would have been nearer 1970

  8. Thanks for all the info guys...especially Ian for managing to give the full band line-up details.
    Another puzzle from the past cleared up!
    Cheers. GG

  9. Forever Amber were formed late 60`s when Jim Macara replaced Stuart Cuthbert on vocals. The band was named the ryte tyme when stuart was in the band.The band members were Frankie Vetraino gtr,Ricky Monroe drums, Norrie Tennant bass, and Jim gtr/vocals. We played the Palais on Sundays as support to some of the big names Andy Lothianjr was our agent.This line up lasted only a short time. After a short stint with the Emerald Showband,Norrie and Frankie moved to Leeds to rejoin Stuart and his new wife Sandra Stevens(who subsequently joined Brotherhood of Man)to play in the Mecca dance halls. Norrie is still a working musician and has his own band resident at Nidd Hall Hotel near Harrogate.

  10. hi , graham sheridan here , as far as i can remember , forever amber were originaly called sweet and tender motion... danny mitchell on drums , john manby on bass , ritchie duncan on guitar , ian mann on vocals...forver amber were ian cusick on vocals , ritchie duncan on guitar , john manby on bass , sid brand on drums , harry adams on keyboard. re norrie tennant Was a bass player , who played with the RITE TYME

  11. hi , forever amber went on to be "sweet and tender motion " with ian mann on vocals , Richie Duncan on guitar , harry adams on keyboard ,john manby on bass , sorry , can't remember drummers name . b.t.w re Norrie tenant , he was a bass player , he played with the f.b.i. then the rite tyme , does anyone out there has any idea of his whereabouts , the last I heard he was m.d. for little and large in blackpool.....cheers graham sheridan