Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Here's an account of a football game that wouldn't have made the headlines next day!
It was a media challenge match between a Dundee DC Thomson's squad and a team from Glasgow's BBC TV & Radio.
The battle took place in 1967 at Maryhill with Dundee running riot in a 7-2 victory.
DCT wore classic DFC strips and the Beeb were in Celtic's colours.
Mary Marquis was doing the "fair play" honours!
Click on the image to view the large version and read all about it.
The full DCT squad is named.


  1. I recognise two ex Grovies side by side in Miller and Cochrane. Alan Cochrane can be seen frequently on B.B.C. political programmes hiding behind a bushy beard and specs but God bless him, making no attempt to disguise where he came from in his accent.
    Is there a B.B.C. reporter, news reader or journalist who DIDN'T start off at good old D.Cs?

  2. It was '78 before I thrown into the fug of DCT's Meadowside reporters' room, but half of these faces were still in evidence - Sandy McGregor was, by then, one of two Chief Reporters and - from the POV of an 18-year-old trainee - a scary wee man. "Take the earring out, sonny, you're a reporter not a f**king fortune teller". Eeek. He's the Alexander McGregor behind the 'Lawless' and 'Law Killer' books, of course. No idea if he's still on the papers.

  3. Whar's Jackie Burd then?

  4. Jackie Burd started on the Jackie in Meadowside so would have been eligible for selection...an obvious oversight by whoever picked the team. Sandy McGregor, Ron Skelton, Brian Wilson and Jim Rougvie are all happily pulling down the not-inconsiderable DCT pension and along with other retired notables such as Alan Proctor, Al Fyffe, David Pollington, Ed Gorrie and Gordon Wishart, plus yours truly and a host of others, meet once a month for liquid lunch in the Ferry and to swop lurid tales of the DCT past. George Peden, now Emiritus Professor Peden, is to join us soon. Regarding the offending earring, my son joined the reporting staff in the 80s and was sent home by Sandy to remove his white socks and replace them with a pair more befitting a reporter!!! Quite right.

  5. Would that be the same Russell who had a Phil Spector perm to go with the earring? Only the tache saved him from being chatted up by George The Beast" Peden. And, if memory serves, I was at least three inches taller than him, even with his "platforms" on.

  6. Whoooah! Is that the man himself? You made me jump.
    Oh nooo... did I have a perm? Please, no. I thought that horrific tonsorial error dated from *much* earlier. The tache is a given. As for the stature (checks incremental scratches on doorpost), I'm 5'11" and a bit. Hah!
    This is all rather surreal.
    (Checked - defintely no curls '78-'80; didn't Ross Appleyard, though?)

  7. And that's another thing. You were always prone to confusing fact with fiction. Five foot eleven--and a bit--my backside.
    Met Ross Appleyard not long ago and he's still borderline perm. Suspect you probably wish you were too.

  8. *slowly backs towards door, whistling softly*


  9. Seeing sense at last!

  10. .
    You guys from DCT should really be posting in the 3Js instead of keeping your light under a poke!

    Could do with some 'new' blood...