Thursday, 18 March 2010


Retro regulars will be aware that I have put up quite a few air shots taken by my brother around 1974/75. Well there were half a dozen or so I wasn't going to bother about because the plane's wing cut across the image and made it awkward to crop. However, I have changed my mind as I reckoned they'd be better on the net than tucked away in a storage box at home out of view. So here's a wee bonus batch...
This one here is really good actually once you zoom into the large version.
On it you can see Seagate Bus Station with some yellow Alexander buses waiting there.
Across the road from the bus station was the Reo Stakis Olde Worlde Inn.
Moving east you can clearly see Allan Street, which at that time, on the corner of Seagate, had the Quarter Gill Bar.
On the other side of the road along from the Quarter Gill was the Tayside Bar. A path which was to be well trodden a few years later!
Further right, is the Corporation Bus Depot on Dock Street, and if you look closely you can see the transition from green buses to blue ones had just started.
Down at the bottom right of Victoria Dock is the Timber Yard.
These are just a few of the sights, I'm sure you'll be able to spot plenty others.
You can click on the photo to view the larger version, and once on, right click to save, then view it using the zoom on your PC.
I have a Dundee Directory from this same period, so can help name places should you be struggling!


  1. i'm struggling here. what is the big circular thing in the middle- am i just too drunk to think!! i just cant figure out any of it. lol x

  2. The "big circular thing", I think is a tank belonging to the Refuse Disposal Plant in Foundry Lane.

  3. I think the ship on the west side of Victoria Dock was a Royal Navy minesweeper used for fisheries protection, and an occasional visitor to Dundee - it may have been HMS 'Wilton'. (I used to have all the Airfix kits!)

    Strange the memories this picture awakens...Princes Street and the Ferry Road were canyons of derelict tenements. Coming home from the town, the bus used to stop at the foot of Lilybank Road, beside a boarded-up shop called 'Blackadder', which was such an unusual name it stuck in my memory - long before Rowan Atkinson came along!

  4. Hi from a fellow Dundonian new to the web. I've been looking through old images from the area I grew up in. We used to live in Allan Street, number 4 in the 40's and 50's.

  5. My Dad grew up in 4 Allan Street from 1956 till about 1965 and my Grandad worked in the Allan Arms (Quarter Gill).

    1. our family name is WILSON, 4 ALLAN STREET, i left in 1952, but my relatives still stayed there till the 60,s, GRANNY WILSON, AUNTIE BETTY WILSON, and cousin, MARGARET WILSON, still stayed there. so strange that we have the same name ?