Tuesday, 2 March 2010

THE CLAIROL 1200 - 1980's

See this hairdryer of mine, the Clairol 1200, it just conked out on me about 3 years ago. I'd been using this one since around 1980, so nearly 3 decades it lasted.
If memory serves me correctly, I got it from Argos, which was located around the Quality Inn area in the Overgate at the time. A good wee purchase it turned out to be too.
I still have the same thick full head of hair I had back then, no sign of it receding or thinning on top yet! However, some of you may not know that for those less fortunate, in the 70's there used to be a place in Victoria Road who provided a "hair implant" service.
It went under the name - Top Secret - which I can't help find funny.
Vanity and discretion rolled into one!

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  1. I just had to comment as I have just Googled this product. My one is still going strong and had it since 1981. I too have a thick head of hair; although it has not been used constantly by myself over the years my mum used it too. One of my better buys!!