Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Me not being a motorist meant that buses were my main mode of transport back then for getting from A to B.
These 2 ads are from the 70's
The top one is for Alexander's, the rural service who's yellow buses were based at Seagate Bus Station.
Something I can remember about the bus station when I was schoolboy aged was using the grubby photo booth a few times. One such session was in 1972 when me and my mate (both Slade fans) went in and got our photo's taken, pushing our fists up close to the camera with our thumbs out sideways, copying the "SLAYED" album cover!
I also have a memory of there being a Nestles chocolate vending machine that was always empty!
The other ad is for the local Council bus service who had a depot in Dock Street and an office in Barrack Street.
The 70's was when they changed from green coloured Corporation buses to blue Tayside Regional Council buses.
Does anyone know what product it is advertised on the side of the bus in the picture? The slogan is "Make Your Pins Look Sharper", but I haven't the foggiest what they are referring to!!
You may need to enlarge the image.


  1. Looks like it may have something to do with a fashion retailer? Here's the ad from a different angle:

  2. An advert for a pair of trousers/jeans, but cant read the make.

  3. Kevin Devlin of the Megazones and Pigs are Cute used to paint the buses...

  4. what about the "you are here" map/machine at shore tce bus terminal, you pressed a button and the wee light went on, (next to the mulk machine ) :)

  5. Nice one Blakey. I remember those boards, so primitive by today's standards but wish they were still here like so much else on this blog ha ha

  6. I used to have 'minutes of fun' on that board Blakey ... ah the memories.

  7. me too Olice , but i got a wee bit lost when the bulb went oot, i didna ken whar i was!!!! :-)