Monday, 8 March 2010


This was the fashion for the Radio Tay team when running in the Dundee marathon in 1984.
Left is Iain Duncan. 2nd right is Peter Fraser and far right is George MacKintosh. For some reason the female runners aren't mentioned, however I can tell you that in the background, Norma Gamble is on the wheels of steel!!

These outfits reminded me that there was a wee film made in the early 80's called "How To Improve Your Radio Tay T-Shirt". It was the work of Jock Ferguson and features Craig Methven in the starring role, which consisted of making a few alterations to the garment!
As of yet, it remains in Jocks vault in it's original film format still to be converted into digital format. Let's hope at some stage it will see the light of day!

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