Friday, 1 October 2010


Fancy a pub crawl?
This one's gonna go on for over a week, so should be a topper!
I'll just set the time machine for the 1960's - (whirr...spin...dizziness...nausea... spew into bucket kept handy for such trips....) - ah here we are, landed in Hilltown.
Starting off at St Andrew's Tavern in Rose Street.
This was said to be Dundee's smallest pub. Locals gave it the nickname of "the Mad Doag" after the manager was bitten by a mangy mutt!
The pub closed around the mid/late 60's and Rose Street itself has since completely disappeared.
I have a street map of Dundee from the 60's so thought I'd display the section where Rose Street used to be. As you can see it was slap bang in the middle of the Hulltoon and the Conshie.


  1. Nice corrugated iron curtains on the lower window, still quite fashionable on the hulltoon

  2. Rose St. still exists (as a narrow footpath at the top) that runs from Conshie St to Dudhope St. and wriggly tin is also too hard try planks'o'wid

  3. Thank you for this pic. We live not far from here but never knew this place existed.

  4. I had a wander down Rose Street today. You can still get down the whole path from Constitution St to Dudhope Street but I doubt many people use it. Seems like a lane muggers would hang out ha ha.

  5. I remmember this pub, the photo is of it not long after it closed, a few of us went into the building to collect some salvege for our bonfire for 5th November that year.

  6. Rose Street is exactly where the large road down the east side of the rebuilt Rosebank Primary School is, within the school grounds. There is also an extension of Rose Lane that runs outside the fence along the wall down towards the multis. When I lived on the Conshie and went to Rosie school as a kid I used to be able to sprint from Rosebank Road to Dudhope Street in under 10 seconds and thought I was brilliant because of it. There was a nursery at the bottom of the lane (later a Barnardos centre?) that I seem to remember the Queen Mother visiting some time in the 80s. There was a wall on Rose Lane next to the McLean and Stuart garage that partitioned off the posher houses on Constitution Terrace and Union Terrace. Every day on my way to and from school I used to poke at the wall with a stick, gradually loosening the stones. Over a period of many months the wall started to become really weak until one day a massive hole appeared in it and it collapsed! I confess it was all my fault!

  7. Sorry last comment should have said West Side of Rosebank school. The East side was Tulloch Crescent, and was techically outside the school fence. Not that it stopped us escaping during school playtime. There was a red gravel football pitch on the other side with really dangerous high walls around it that we used to climb the whole time!

  8. great to see the photo of the mad dog, brought back lots of memouries. we lived in a wee cottage at the back of the pub which was accesed by a small lane running down the side . happy days indeed