Monday, 4 October 2010


The Whip Inn in Liff Road is still on the go, but it doesn't look like the image in the photo anymore.
The main part of the building is the same, but gone are those small porthole windows on the side, making way for an extension to the pub.
It being an old coach inn, it used to be decorated with old horse collars, horse brasses, old rustic accessories, that kind of thing.
The photo, however, dates from the groovy late 60's and I reckon they missed a good opportunity to keep up with the times. Here's what I think they should have done back then.
Making use of the porthole windows design, they ought to have painted the outside bright yellow, renamed it the Yellow Pubmarine, and had a Beatles theme inside.
Here's what could have been on the Fab 4 jukebox...
Eleanor Whisky - Get Becks - Lady MaVodka - Fool On The Pils - Bass In The USSR - Ale You Need Is Love - Let It Beer - Magical Pissedery Tour - Hey Booze - O-V-D, Ob-La-Da - Here Comes The Rum - Penny Wine - While My Guinness Gently Weeps - All Hungover Now - Beer Prudence - I Am The Watney's - With A Little Help From My Pints...!!!!
Then once you've had a touch of Dutch courage, you could nip over and chat up Stella McCartney!
Below is my own psychedelic impression of the concept they missed out on!


  1. Lived above the Whip Inn, even before the extension was built on. Great area to begin your childhood. Chick F

  2. My father lived above the Whip Inn too and his father was a landlord at one time. Hi Charles.

  3. Then you could go visit Alcoholics Anonymous for some HELP!!!