Tuesday, 5 October 2010


This was taken somewhere in the Tay Hotel sometime in the 80's.
A bit vague, I know, but I can't figure out which part of the hotel it could be.
I thought at first it might be upstairs in the Junction 9/Club Feet area, but I don't remember the bar being decked out as a frilly stage set, so I guess it must be some other function room in the hotel.
Someone may recognise the bar staff in the picture, looking a bit like Punch & Judy behind there, so with a bit of assistance we may be able to piece it together.
To zoom into the faces, click on the image to enlarge.
Image by DC Thomson.


  1. .
    It looks to me like it is in the Rosemount Suite. Extreme right is someone sitting in the window recess.
    The door on the extreme left would be the door through to the main reception and toilets, at the top of the stairs from the front door on the corner of Whitehall Crescent.
    Once again, the photographer would be standing with his back to the dance floor.
    I'm sure the hanging lights above the bar and the front of bar 'frillied' trim were still there when the hotel closed in April 2000.

  2. I remember going to a couple of Platform jazz gigs in the Tay Hotel late 70s/early 80s, and they were in some lounge in an area away from the regular public drinking haunts. Had to go up the big main stairway to get there, so perhaps it was the room in the photo.
    Still don't recognise it mind you!

  3. That's the main function room for sure. The Rosemount Suite as Brian said. Some building with some history. Wonder what it's next incarnation will be?

  4. Just found these old pics. Definately the Rosemount Suite. I used to work on Reception in 1980/81 as a wee 16 year old fresh from the Kingsway tech. I carried on working in hotels for years and still do :) It was far from the poshest hotel but it was great fun. I used to collect glasses in Junction 9 after my shift finished at 11pm.

  5. was great hotel had lots of great nights there. ballroom was immense .both in size and atmosphere..knew lots of the staff debbie and merry on reception in particular..happy memories.late 70s..

  6. I was a waitress in the Tay Hotel around 1976 and remember serving at weddings and dances in the Rosemount Suite, then moving on when I was old enough to serve in the bar and then the disco at the Royal Hotel as I lived in the staff quarters there. Great time and great memories.