Saturday, 9 October 2010


Many of you who socialised around town in the 80's will recognise this colourful lass - it's Hilary.
I remember her from pubs & clubs like Chequers, Slickers, Tayside Bar, Fat Sams...actually, come to think of it, she was a right wee boozer!
As well as being a regular in the drinking dens of the city, she was also a familiar face on the local music scene. In fact, Hilary was involved in Deadbeat fanzine, contributing lots of articles and artwork.
The photo above is of Hilary at the Bowling Alley, circa '84, there to see local band Circus Of Hell.
Below it is her feature on the band in Deadbeat mag, including her skilful sketch of the guys.
She managed to get an amusing quote from Steevo in her piece - he says of COH "We're going to put the plooks back on the face of music" - charming!!
By the way, the 2 lads with Hilary on the photo are unknown, so if anyone knows who they are, feel free to reveal all in the comments.
You may need to click on the COH item to enlarge it if you can't read it as it is.
Thanks to Joe Ogilvie


  1. i remember he forks for earrings :)

  2. Where is she now?

  3. the guy in the middle is john smart a guy i was school with. teh guy on the end is richard laing (kamakazzie) a good mate of mine. they went to bell street tech

  4. Johnny Smart Is Hilary's brother. Hilary is still in Dundee and Still has red hair

  5. The guy on the end is my hubby, Richard Laing.