Thursday, 21 October 2010


This is Douglas Primary School's concert party entertaining the old folks up at Maryfield Hospital around the 1970/71 period.
The picture would be difficult to do a proper "from left to right" identity name check, so I opted for a second image with numbers to make the ID easy.
I can name 3 for starters...
#2 is Grant Roberts with the guitar, who kept his musical side going, playing in local clubby bands in later years.
#26 is Ralph Milne, yep the same one as yesterday. Dundee United superstar and gambler!
#27 is Craig Methven, who ten years later would be fronting the Scrotum Poles.
And what cheery tune do you think the Douglas troupe chose to play for the pensioners to sing along to?
Well it was one of the chart hits from back then - McGuinness Flint's "When I'm Dead And Gone"...!!
Big thanks to Craig


  1. Just found this out about Grant - he is a member of a band doing covers called Kinsley. Pics on their site:

  2. Which one is Debbie? The girl who married Christopher Timothy's son.

  3. She is number 16.

    The others I can remember are:
    1: Barbara Muir (now Byrne)
    4: Lynn Petrie
    5: Brian Fullerton
    6: David Mitchell
    8: Pete Bailey
    9: Janice Savill
    11: Kenny Blues
    17: Maureen Glass
    20: Steve Robertson
    23: Ruth McGee
    28: Patricia Coleman
    31: Alexander McMahon (Panda)
    32: David Cook
    33: Bruce Watt

    Sorry other folks.... maybe others can help?

    1. no.3 Paul Greenwood
      no.30 Kenny Bambury.
      10 Brian Lawrence
      7 Steve Mathewson
      12 Jacqueline Butler
      14 Eck Smith
      24 Laura Herd

  4. Talking about marrying into Welsh. Debbie didn't have ginger/red hair did she?
    There were these girls we used to sometimes chat to in Chequers in the early 80's, one of which had long ginger hair. One Saturday evening a group of Welsh rugby supporters popped in having been to Edinburgh for the match. All pissed, good humoured and having a good laugh. One of them bumped into the girl with the ginger hair and he stopped and said "Oh I love redheads, will you marry me?" the way you do when you're mucking about drunk. Only she said "Yes!". And guess what, they did. They got married and lived in Wales.

    1. She didn't have ginger hair

  5. What size platform shoes is Bruce Watt wearing?!

  6. I think he's standing on an old person

  7. oh my god No 17 is my big sister maureen who was 51 yesterday, i picked her out without even looking at the names

  8. think 29 is norma ferguson

  9. no arlene ferguson

    no 12 jacqueline butler

  10. no 22 susan white

  11. My brother in law was head of music at Craigie Highh and ran the football team. Ralph Milne played for him, but all the boys had to attend choir practice to get a game. Eric said it was the roughest looking choir but the sweetest singing school team in Dundee at the time.