Tuesday, 12 October 2010


The Halt was the Art College club night, putting on live bands and running their own disco.
These 2 ads are from February 1988.
The top one is for a gig by local outfit, The Sandflowers, who were pollinating the populace with their performance on 5th Feb that year.
"Doctorin' The House" was the title of a hit dance track by Coldcut released in early 88 - the Halt just hijacking the phrase to highlight their trendy dancefloor leanings!
The ad underneath it could either be for an appearance by rave DJ, Tim Simenon, who's act Bomb The Bass were riding high in the charts with "Beat Dis" at the time - or again, it could just be a similar ploy as the other ad where they have seized the name and turned it into a slogan to catch the attention of Dundee's clubbers!
Anybody remember?
I was doing all my clubbing down South when all this was going on! 


  1. Where exactly was The Halt?

  2. art college coffee bar during college term times, and various other places when college was on holiday...I remember it at rafters on brown street, and it was also in a masonic lodge apparently.

  3. Wasn't the Halt run by Brian Hayes of 'Let's Evolve' and his trendy buddies, or maybe Nick Wright too? I too remember it at Rafters, Brown Street and once in a church hall/Masonic lodge off South Tay street as well as the art college.

  4. The Halt was run by Duncan Kidd, Graham Anderson and 1 other, not Brian.