Friday, 8 October 2010


No 10 was in South Tay Street from around the late 70's and all throughout the 80's.
It was a pub I never had a drink in. Passed it hundreds of times too, but only once did my mob stop off and have a nosey at it from the doorway - we looked inside, and we all went "Naaaah!", wasn't lively enough for us. It seemed like a cosy wee place for middle aged couples to spend the evening, or perhaps we just caught it on a quiet night, but off to the noisy, more youthful pubs we went!.
I recall being told back then that the folk who had No 10 also had it's politically related partner around the corner, Chequers. Not sure if it was a fact or someone just linked the 2 names, as No 10 was the actual street number of the pub, but I'm certain they had wee framed political caricatures on the walls.
Maggie Thatcher was in the real No 10 at the time which may have also influenced us in choosing to avoid it!


  1. I remember it being an "older persons" pub when I was young in the early 80's and it had a strict dress code - definitely no jeans ! and the way we dressed back then there was no point of trying to get in ! not that we ever wanted to. its now called the social and is very popular with a new younger set of customers !


  2. Aah! The number 10. Happy memories.I think this was one of the first pubs which took advantage of the later opening hours. I am a bit older than you Retro so I can quite understand that you didn't fancy it. It was a definite "meeting" place if you get my drift, where wedding rings were slipped off (or not) if you were more gallus.Friday night was always good and there must be grooves worn in South Tay Street from the clientele wandering inevitably to the Barracuda like lemmings to a cliff at closing time.
    The late Eddie Summerton ran it for quite a while before he took over what had been the Drum (beside David Winters).
    Such was the popularity on Friday nights, that Eddie would act as doorman to avoid it becoming overcrowded but, by sneaking round into Tay Square, entry could be gained by the side door if it was open for ventilation in those pre smoking ban days.
    Thanks Retro for invoking happy memories.

  3. All I remember about this place was the inadequate toilet provision for the ladies.....if you "needed" it was time to move to another pub!

  4. I always thought the place was full of lawyers and their chums and very cliquey, an upmarket Gauger? but had only been in a couple of times the worse for wear naturally :->. Were the two pubs not owned by the same guy?
    The Bear

  5. Never found out for sure if No10 & Chequers were co-owned.
    Chequers never had any political images inside at all. They had Commedia Dell Arte artwork.
    Then again, perhaps they were trying to imply that the Tory politicians back then were buffoons!!

  6. Great memories there when I was a young lad. My folks used to take me for a lunch and coke, and we would sit in the beer garden. There was an amazing barmaid who used to give me Beatrix Potter books every time I came in.