Thursday, 28 October 2010


I have a few original 60's Rep Theatre programmes in my collection.
So plucking an example out for Retro, this one here is for a play written by Peter Ustinov called "Photo Finish", which ran for a couple of weeks in April 1963.
You may recognise a couple of the actors in the play who later went on to be well known faces on TV - namely Hannah Gordon and Glyn Worsnip.
Also, if you look closely, you'll see a young Brian Cox listed as being assistant stage manager.
The Rep Theatre back then was in Nicoll Street.
Talented all-rounder Peter Ustinov became Dundee University Rector a few years later in 1968, a position he held till 1974.
Then lo & behold, our very own Brian Cox was inducted into the same role just earlier this year!
Quite a versatile wee troupe!
You may need to click onto the images to read the large versions.


  1. glyn worsip of "thats life" fame

  2. I was introduced to Hannah Gordon a few years back...she is one of the shortest people I have ever met.
    (Useless fact)

  3. "Nylon Stockings by Kayser Bonder"
    now there's a line you don't see in most theatre programmes!

  4. Can't find much on any of the other actors involved. One of them has been in Coronation Street and David Calderisi appears to have been the evil enemy in a Doctor Who episode!
    Peter Ustinov can be seen discussing Photo Finish in this clip from the 60's