Sunday, 17 October 2010


It has been in circulation as a fact that, the Sex Pistols cancelled this 1st December Dundee gig "at the last minute" to appear on the infamous Bill Grundy TV show.
Well here below is a factual timeline sequence published in the music press that suggests otherwise...

On 13 November the music press published the Sex Pistols tour dates, with support acts confirmed as being The Ramones, Talking Heads, Chris Spedding & The Vibrators.
The Dundee date being 1st December.
On 20 November, the music press published an announcement that the original support acts had pulled out of the tour and had been replaced by Johnny Thunder's Heart Breakers, The Damned and The Clash.
As a result, the tour schedule was revamped -  with 16th December now the date for Dundee.
So then, the 1st December Dundee date on the poster has the second set of support acts on it (Heartbreakers etc), but these acts weren't chosen until the revamped tour dates were confirmed which had the Dundee date being 16th December. 
If the poster gig WAS the 1st December, it would have had the first set of support acts on it (Ramones etc).
The Sex Pistols couldn't have cancelled the 1st December Dundee gig "at the last minute" to appear live on the Bill Grundy TV show because the 16th December date was confirmed 2 weeks before the TV show aired.
It also means they didn't exclusively reschedule Dundee's date from 1st to 16th, because the entire tour was revamped 2 weeks prior to the Bill Grundy TV show.
Finally, and rather obviously, it was the 16th December gig Dundee Council banned - not the 1st December gig.

The poster's date and support acts don't go together at all - the information is meaningless.
Therefore the poster's false data has no connection to the Sex Pistols history or Dundee's gig history.

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