Thursday, 14 October 2010


Bar Chevrolet (AKA Chevy's), and Yogi's, were both linked to Fat Sams.
Chevy's and Fat Sams were next door to each other, with both places putting on gigs under the Dance Factory banner.
The top ad dates from June '88 and gives some general information about the food, drink, music & games they had on offer at Chevy's.
The middle ad is from November '88 and lists a few of the bands who were playing at Chevy's that month, including a reminder that the pub also had Sunday jazz sessions - with the late, great, Jimmy Deuchar performing on this occasion.
The Yogi's ad is dated March '88. This was a new club night that started up that year and was to be found at Wee Sams ( Fat Sams diner).
They specialised in dance music - hip hop & house with a touch of retro 70's funk in the mix.
There was free admission for those in Yogi Bears (flares)!


  1. I aquired my passion for slushy Margaritas at Chevvys.

  2. Chevys was a great bar and ahead of it's time. Another Alex Brown project, like Cafe American, McGonagles etc. I think Fat Sams eventually took over Chevys? When Fat Sams first opened they tried to open daytime as Wee Sams and you entered via Johnston Street but it didn't last.

  3. Chevy's was first called Duck Slattery's Gas Station - opened circa 1985ish... it was Dundee's first taste of the Glasgow style trendy bar! I think the building was a mechanic depot for buses, and the Fat Sams building was a fruit and veg warehouse.

  4. There's a couple of photos of Duck Slatterys up on Retro. Outside & inside.

    That "how low can you go" phrase on the Yogi's ad is from Public Enemy's "Bring The Noise" classic single.
    I recognised it because I used to know all the words to this one at the time!
    Think I'd be struggling to recite it now mind you!

  5. Chevy's was simply the best pub for atmosphere back then. Great chat, great music, just full of friendly people - a pub made up almost entirely of regulars. I really miss it.