Wednesday, 13 October 2010


When the Sands changed to Buddies in the mid 80's, my regular Sunday funk sessions stopped not long after it opened. Just wasn't the same as the Sands at it's peak - circa late 70's/early 80's.
I did try Buddies on a few occasions though before eventually waving goodbye to it all, with my last visit being in 1985, the same year these 2 photos were taken.
The exterior shot is dated October 85 and the cocktail bar is June 85.
I remember one Sunday evening, me and a couple of mates were walking along the Esplanade and we stopped to chat to a lassie who had her horse with her on the beach. After a wee blether, I jokingly asked if there was any chance of a lift along to Buddies - but she actually said OK! I was about to mount the horse when I had a sudden flashback of a scary incident I had on a horse a few years earlier, so I backed off. I wish now I had got on, because there can't be that many people who can say they have gone along to a disco on horseback!
Sometimes you've just got to seize the moment!
A reminder that there is a photo of Buddies dancefloor in the April 2009 archives.
Images by DC Thomson


  1. Well G.G. you would have been with Bianca Jagger at Studio 54 had you made the trek to the club on the horse! I'm pretty sure some people tried various obscure ways of reaching the Sands/Buddies. Didn't some kid take a boat from Broughty Ferry harbour and tried to sail there and ended up drowning? Maybe not. I must admit I once took a car down there with 2 in the front passenger seat and 5 in the backseat and 2 in the boot. Oh dear...

  2. was there no someguyfrom douglas used to skateboard down to the sands at the weekends it was reported in the sunday post

  3. Am sure Alex Brown was owner in it's last days as a nightclub. That man AGAIN!

  4. ahh Buddies!
    met my missus there...we just had a blast down memory lane there checking out the pics!
    no 'Chalet' or 'Sands' for me due to my age, but apres' 'buddies' it all went wrong; 'The Atlantic' then 'Jaques'.
    pity it has gone now; was good not to have the trek uptown for 'clubbing'. now a lock in at The Fort is as good as it gets...!

    thanks for the memories retro, and keep up the good work; am sure you can still find a bit of time to keep this great site going strong beyond 2011!

  5. I loved working at this club it had a great atmosphere carried over from its time as the Sands.
    I glad I was the DJ through Buddies busy era and at the peak of its popularity.

  6. I was the DJ billed as Charlie Chucles during the early Sands days when it was owned by old Ron Duncan. There was chicken in a Basket derved in order to get a late licence. Mobbed at weekends and the only place to be on a Sunday. Happy days and great memories.