Monday, 11 October 2010


This view along Dock Street was taken in the mid 60's when the area across the road was being modernised during the construction of the Tay Road Bridge.
The City Centre Bar was on the corner of Shore Terrace.
This was one of 3 similar sounding pub names in town - City Centre Bar - Centre Bar - Central Bar.
Does your head in trying to separate them in your mind 40 years later!
Further along Dock Street you can see a sign for a tobacconist called John Crabb. This shop floor was always covered in nippers!
Image by DC Thomson


  1. A TC Keay lorry in the background. Most famous for the TC Keay end at Dens.

    Anyone know what they actually did?

  2. is that Andy Mcfarlang selling the 'Young Socialist' in his white jacket outside the pub, in between sculpture classes.

  3. I thought the guys in the pub doorway looked as if they were keeping an eye out for the foreman and assessing whether they have time to squeeze in one more pint!

    According to my directory, TC Keay were Textile & Packaging Engineers. Whatever that is!

  4. T.C.Keay made looms for the jute industry, sack printing machines, press machines, industrial sewing machines among other things. I would know 'cause I worked there. Their foundry, Lawside Foundry, was at the corner of Kilberry St. andLawside Rd.