Friday, 18 June 2010


Here's a rare photo of Dundee band - Sweet 'N' Tendermotion.
The group formed sometime around the mid/late 60's, then as far as I know, after a change of line-up, were transformed into Forever Amber, along with a couple of guys from Rite Tyme.
I'm uncertain about which band members from which groups were involved as there was a fair bit of shuffling about that took place.
I do know for certain, however, that Henry Simson was the manager of Sweet 'N' Tendermotion.
As regards the line-up of Sweet 'N' Tendermotion, I can list 4 - these being...
Danny Mitchell on drums.
John Manby on bass.
Ritchie Duncan on guitar.
Ian Mann on vocals.
On the photo though, you can see there's 5 in the group, so if anyone out there can do a "from left to right" style definitive line-up of the guys, feel free to pass on the info in the comments, along with any other details you can recall.
Thanks to Craig & Danny.

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