Friday, 18 March 2011


Dundee Pasteurised Milk Co, or as it was more commonly known - the DPM - had premises all over town in the 60's and early 70's. I remember we used to go to their Dairy corner shop at the Craigiebank shops quite regularly back then. In fact, it was very similar to the one in the above photo which was located on the corner of Lochee High St & Bank St.
The picture was taken around 1970ish when DPM had their HQ in Mains Road.
They also had a garage in Strathmartine Road and shops in Reform St, Dura St, 2 in Perth Road, Dundonald St, Princes St, Fintry Road, Union St, Blackness Road, Arbroath Rd & Lochee High St - with the one in Reform St being a cafe.
By 1974, the DPM had completely disappeared off the map!
The advert with the crappy drawing is dated 1968.


  1. I remember as a kid my Mum taking me to the cafe in Reform Street often in the early 60's. The old 3 tear cake stands and I think waitresses wearing the black uniform with the white aprons...

  2. I used to live round the corner from the one on Blackness Road just down from Johnsons stores, one of my favourite treats was the small sponge cakes with sultanas that DPM used to sell, put it in a bowl and pour milk on, it made life worth living.

  3. Had a DPM round at St Mary,s, Brackens, Downfield. Card school on the stairs at Mains Road on Fridays after collecting. Delivered the wee DPM shop at the bottom of Symers St and the Kingsway Ice Rink.

  4. back in the mid 50s my mate (angus) and i spent many a happy day on our school holidays in mains road depot waiting to get a lift up to strathmartine rd,then return to mains road .....and start all over again.the 3 wheeled floats were great fun,but the horse and cart wow !!

  5. the bear i remember those little sponge cakes, they were absolute heaven. as it happens ive got a couple of old milkbottles from DPM, not sure where they come from but i quite like them.

  6. My mother's friend grew up at a dairy around Strathmartine Road (out from the town).

    She was raised on milk - unpasteurised - from the dairy and died in Yorkshire recently at 104 years of age. Her picture was in the Courier.