Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Many of you will be familiar with the work of Maureen Reynolds who has written lots of Dundee based books since the 90's.
What we have here is an early example of Maureen's writing, published in the Scots Magazine in February 1989.
It's entitled "Dundee's Dancing Years" and is all about the dancehalls & ballrooms that were scattered around town, covering quite a few decades.
Just about every-place gets a mention - Robbies (West End Palais) - Continentale - Palais - J.M. - Empress - Locarno - Kidd's - Chalet - Star... and she tells stories like when locals had to take their gas masks with them when they went dancing during the war years, then goes on to recall her own dancing days at the Palais where the lassies had a perfume machine!
It goes right up to the 70's & 80's with the Barracuda - Sands - Samantha's & Buddies being name-checked, an era when they changed from old style ballrooms to discos for the "strobe light generation" as she describes it. Yeah, that sound like us lot!
Plenty photos and adverts to accompany the article too.
I've scanned in all 9 pages actual size - so if you fancy a wee read, just click onto the items to view the large versions.

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