Wednesday, 30 March 2011


The top ad is dated 1981 and is for Bordermatics. They supplied local pubs & clubs with gaming machines, juke boxes, pool tables etc, and were located at 137 Lorne Street at the time.
I also have another ad of theirs from 1984 and by then they had relocated to 109 High Street, Lochee where they shared premises with Cherry Video rentals.
Bordermatics are still on the go, only now they are based in Broughty Ferry.
I suppose Hynd Bros have done a bit of business with Bordermatics over the years, their amusement arcade in Reform Street being the other ad, dated 1986.
As you can see, in '86 they were announcing the very latest in gaming machines - the Laser Disc System!


  1. Hynd's is closed down now.

  2. I remember, back in the early 70's collecting milk money down Strathern Road for Guildy's dairy (I was a milk-boy back in the day!) Am walking doon this lang posh driveway to get the money and this guy gives me my $1.20 plus tip in bloody pennies (sorry nae pound signs in this country.)Later my buddy tells me "It's the guy who owns the Amusement Arcade's... He's rich as f***k, but it's a' in pennies" :D

  3. Bordermatics were the parent company of Cherry Video, the membership card had mention of Borderdermatics I seem to remember. Think they used to print up raffle tickets and that kind of thing too.
    Hynd's was pretty decent, before the advent of decent home video games (Mega-Drive and Playstation etc). After that, it was all puggy machines and it went downhill pretty rapidly from there. It used to be spread over 5 or 6 floors at one point.

  4. Was Bordermatics the company that had the shop up from the Victoria Road/Bottom of Dens Road?

  5. Bordermatics - we used to lease puggies & jukeboxes for our clubbie from them. The guy who came to empty them always seemed to have a sense of humour failure !