Monday, 7 March 2011

2 BRITISH RAIL ADS - 1979/84

The top ad from 1979 has quite a lot of well known, but now long gone, BR services on display - Railfreight, Motorail, Red Star, Sealink etc - all of which have either been sold off, re-branded or closed down!
The 2nd one is a Dundee based ad for ScotRail dating from 1984.
The ScotRail name is still on the go - but minus the BR logo.


  1. How depressing for Dundee!All these BR services like Speedlink,Freightliner etc all gone and replaced with a derelict wasteland with a few ugly modern buidings dotted about.All that enterprise and industry - GONE! Entering Dundee by train was always interesting because of the amount of traffic but now the station is isolated in a sea of roads while the freight yards are weed strewn,vandalised eyesore!Not very welcoming or interesting now!A real shame.

  2. We seem to have missed the transport bus (excuse the pun).
    I think the Kingsway was the first bypass in the UK (so you could miss out Dundee, no need to visit!)and, during the 70's oil boom, Dundee said they'd grasp it with both hands...they added about 10 yards onto the end of the landing strip at the minature "Lego" airport and that was it. Even coming in via the road bridge directs you to the fastest routes out of Dundee.
    Many people have said to me .."Dundee, a nice place to pass through".